Diaper Project


1) Must live in Clark County, Indiana

2) Children between the ages of birth until their third birthday



To receive assistance, a client must provide the following at their first visit:

1) documentation proving residency (driver’s license, utility bill, lease agreement, or other documentation with the client’s address

2) a photo ID (driver’s license, passport)

3) documentation with the child’s date of birth (birth certificate, insurance card, doctor’s appointment receipt, baptismal record)

When applying a client is asked to complete an application assistance form stating their address, relationship to the child, and contact information. Clients are required to read and sign a copy of our Policies and Procedures agreement. Each month, clients will fill out a “Requested Items” page so we can easily fill their orders. Note that diapers and wipes are guaranteed to always be in stock, but all other supplies are distributed as they are available.



Clients are allowed to visit the D.I.A.P.E.R. Project once per month.

Monthly a client may receive:

1) one package of diapers or pull-ups

2) one package of baby wipes

3) up to ten nutritious food items (Note – some food items count as more than one item)

These items may include:

a. One cereal item (infant cereal, toddler cereal bars, or Cheerios)

b. Two grabber food pouches (we carry a variety of single ingredient and multi-ingredient blends)

c. One yogurt item

d. One snack item (toddler cookies, puffs, or other toddler snack)

e. formula (when it stock) (counts as either four or five food items depending on the size of the container)

f.  baby food (vegetables, fruits, and meats)

g. Toddler pick-ups (includes pasta-pick-ups; fruit pick-ups, carrot pick-ups)

h. Toddler meals (includes breakfast buddies, Lil’ Meals)

Note: All food items are not always available.


Quarterly a client may receive:

1) Head-to-toe baby wash

2) Baby Lotion

3) Diaper Rash Ointment



1) toothbrush

2) pacifier

3) sippy cup

4) bib

5) bottles (1 large, and 1 small)



1) first aid supplies (band-aids)

2) toothpaste

3) teething aids

4) washcloths

5) hooded towels

. . . . and many other items that our donated by loving and generous individuals.


In addition to regular distribution, every year during December, each client receives a Bundle of Joy Bag. These are to help our clients stay clean, dry, and healthy during the winter months. Due to weather conditions, travel during the winter can be difficult – especially with an infant or toddler. Families can also find themselves financially strapped during the holidays, and as heating bills are higher. The Bundle of Joy Bag helps families provide more supplies to their babies during this time.

We work with each client to ensure they receive needed items. Parents are required to fill out application. A list of possible items is provided, and parents can choose the items they wish to receive. We turn to our community and ask them to “adopt” a baby for the holidays. Our volunteer shoppers purchase items on the wish list to ensure each child’s bag is uniquely filled to fit his/her needs.

Items in a Bundle of Joy bag may include (but are not limited to)

1) diapers

2) wipes

3) baby wash

4) baby lotion

5) diaper rash ointment

6) bottles

7) eating utensils

8) sleeper (or pajamas)

9) body suit

10) socks (or booties)